TRANSITION , entering suistainable development at PSIS . 16- 20th nov 2009

5 11 2009

TENTATIF copyproposal 1

The upcoming event of civil department academic week will be held from 16th to 20th nov 2009 . it will exhibit student works from three main program ,environmental engineering ,architecture and civil come and see our works that be held for a week .



27 05 2009
Dari schematic sampai tender sumer kena buat..

Dari schematic sampai tender sumer kena buat..

YEAH ,lagi 2 minggu lagi latihan industri nak habis …nampaknye tak payah lar aku tidur ofis lg …tp still i have no idea how to write the report …so im asking kak kiah about working drawnig , tender ,,etc etc  as my main live source…the things that i dont understand right now is after my interview for this practical trainning ( that be on 9 july 09 ) , some people said we will continue our classes on august , and some roumurs said it will be on 13 july ( a week after the interview ).

So what is the real date for the classes to be ?? and what i want to do in a month  if the classes start on august ??

the main things right now is i just want to come out the idea about how i want to come out with this industrial report…right now in my head is just tender drawing for botanik which i dont ever know how to do it ..

then The gambang project who i really really enjoy it …its worth to sleep in the office if u get the project ..Right now i really understanding what the real meaning architecture life , the passion of it and surely the result after u finished it.


24 03 2009
s6303126s6303141melaka book village

MELAKA book village , its a new attractions that seems didnt get enough publicity to the public . located in the deep site by a 15 minute walks , you will reach the centre . (by the way its located in botanical park at Ayer keroh), .

so what i really like about this building is the way the space is composed based on the malay house concept where you can feel the openess and the separation between another spaces.The buildings is so transparent ,like having a strong connection between inside and outside, blurring the borders by the thin layer of glass.

But as usual , the uv rays that penetrate through the building  made a huge destruction to the books inside , fading and keep fading even though its a new book.So the architect must determine how to solve this prob as the artifact and goodies should be protected from the uv ray…


19 02 2009

When i been asked to make the cadd plan and elevation at sketch up , i was been supervised by two architect , enchek man ,The old man and en Kamil the boss , So it’s not a good things as i have to really  UNDERSTANDING and reading the brains of this man . Its not going easy to satisfy both this man as you have to make a lot and lot of drawing and proposal to pass the CRIT session and do you know what ?? i never have the longest crit ever in my school days and i got it all in the firm …a long suffering for me looking mona always online and online and then she just said to me the crulest word , ( ko tak siap siap lagi ker surau nie , when do you will finished making this things ..) hate it so much ..arrghhhh…
So to be the draughtmans i’ts very hard than be the architect .

BALI , boleh caye ker ??

16 02 2009

Baru minggu nie aku telefon ammer ssb , Dieorang kate sem nie pergi Melake jer ..Bdak sem 2 lak g Pineng jer … Aku cume memikirkan kenape mase kite nye sem dulu tempat tempat yg kite pergi sumernye best best cam Singapore ,Langkawi ..Adakah ini petanda krisis ekonomi yang teruk atau Cicago dah x kasi nak g jauh jauh ?
So next sem for visiting Bali cam 50 % 50 % jer ? Berape la agaknye expanses untuk g sane erk ??

Divine Inspiration (Ilham suci ) exhibition.

7 02 2009
divine inspiration

divine inspiration

location:Islamic art museum,Malaysia

Divine inspiration ,quite a beautiful quotations and opening that can attract anyone joining the  exhibition .But just ignore it if you just not a dead hearted for architecture (or if you just didnt want to make a thesis ) as reading all this seven principle for example moderation can take a time and its quite a boring .Seriously the architect also can be boring looking in this exhibition as there is no such things of  colourful picture presentation that’s have been our tradition in presenting .its just a bunch of citation and a picture that been enlarged and printed in a large scale .


 The conclusion of this exhibition is you can buy the book for rm 90
and you will get the same things in the exhibition. Its just a publicity to introduce the book in the market .
 The one things that i respect when i see the exhibition is the works of prince traditional art college in researching the Islamic art .Now i realised how complex the Islamic geometry can be .Its a mathematical that stand by Pythagoras and radius .can you believe a flower motif pattern is been made by a lots of geometrical shape and lots of circle .Its magnificent for me that art in Islam is not just based on your inspiration ,but also mathematics. So if youall want to visit it ,the exhibition will run until this 28th February..

several days before i want to go to the exhibition …

Mule mule aku ajak soy tapi soy cbuk ,pastu ak ajak mona tp dyer pon ada hal kena g nilai …Hanip lak malas nak g sbb Bru je g Low yatt minggu lpas …Jadi secara kesimpulannya memang susah untuk ajak org tengk art exhibition and we need a more time and space to feel and embrace the artwork even its look boring to admiring it …so as a solo traveller taking a train from klang to KL ,im just continuing it.

  The museum for me is using the international design ,its minimalists with pure white ambience’s and fully enclosed with the glass wall that ironically can damage the artwork. Lots of museum using fully controlled and special lighting to prevent the UV ray that can damage the artwork …And i not sure what happened to this museum because letting the sunlight to light the artifact is not the right choice.I also admiring the dome that decorating the gallery ,its just beautiful and fully intricate with colour and golf leaf in contra with the minimalists white washed wall…

Between money and passion , Today architect

24 01 2009

The first thought that i get when i starting to do my practical in the firm is ,the architect is not the one who do the job ,( for surely ).. The ones who do the job is the project architect and the draught man ,(and the practical stud ) .What the architect have to do is to create a signature that not easily to duplicate .(as mona do it ,duplicating officer signature ). My principal (bos ) signature is i think not easy to crack as it’s to long and have a very tiny detail . so my first lesson to be the architect is to have a good skill in handwriting and signature.

ARCHITECT is the one who shaping the world ,turning it to the sustainable world of the hell for mankind .But the more important things is money rather than passion in design so the design today is just a copycat from other design ,its just a simple and to conventional for me and i feel sorry for the client to hire an architect to do their home renovation ,spend a lot of money to pay them but the result just a ordinary draught man can do that can be more cheap than to hire an architect.
So we can see the scenario right now is the client is becoming the victim of the architect because architect didn’t take much effort to designing it .a simple roof shape and a roman pillar is just the same the villagers carpenter can do ,and more best that they can offer.The architect just care to the needs of CF ,the needs of LOCAL AUTHORITIES  ,the needs of FIRE DEPARTMENT so the project will success without cater the needs of the client it’self . We can easily found a happy   client who get a lovely beautiful house that ironical just a same design with their neighbour that used different architect.

The second lesson that i learn now is ARCHITECT SHARE A SAME THOUGHT ,(AND BRAIN ) AND PRODUCING A SAME RESULT .Its like the Newton law of force .So is not easy to find a passionate architect right now as we have to take the truth that money is the one who shaping the world .


in the office ,at night

in the office ,at night


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